About the Owner

I grew up in Minot, ND. I spent most of my youth summers running the streets of Makoti (where my mother grew up) and going on adventures with my Grandpa A.T. Skarsgard to the Skarsgard family farm southwest of Makoti, ND.

If I wasn’t there or playing baseball, I was busy checking cattle and fixing fence with my other grandpa, Donald Haugen (the founding president of Haugen Farm Realty) on the Haugen family farm. Truly some of my fondest childhood memories! During the school year I swam on the U.S.S. swim team from the time I was 6 years old until I graduated from high school. Swimming on the Minot High varsity swim team all 4 years of high school. After graduating from high school, I went on to attend the University of North Dakota, which is where I met my wife, Amanda.

After graduating from UND with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in entrepreneurship, I went on to work for Alerus Financial in their property management division. Working for Alerus I managed rental properties such as apartments, condos, storage units and most of the houses around the UND campus that were under Alerus Financials management.

From there I moved back to Minot in 2010 with Amanda and our three children (Mason, Hailey and Brayden) to work with my father and learn the ropes of the real estate business and work on acquiring my Certified General appraisers license, real estate license and eventually my real estate broker’s license. And of course, helping on the family farm, which I was always involved with since high school. Always coming home in the spring and fall to help whenever I could.

Most recently, I have decided to step away from the farm to focus my attention on managing Haugen Farm Realty to its full potential, which means more of my time can be focused on making my clients my only priority. And may even have a little more time to spend doing what I would consider to be my greatest life passion which is chasing partridge, grouse, pheasant, ducks, geese and the ever elusive giant whitetail bucks that roam the beautiful rolling prairies of western North Dakota and elk and mule deer up and down the Rockies!